Why study in Colón

Colón is an ideal and fantastic educational environment to learn the Spanish language since you will not only be in an academic atmosphere, but you will also be exposed to a rich and amiable culture. During your staying, you will learn a captivating and useful language. At our institute, we will make sure that you will get the necessary linguistic tools so that you can improve your language ability. What is more, you will dive into a unique and rich culture. In other words, you will experience firsthand our lifestyle. Traditions, cultures, customs will embrace each of you impacting your life amazingly and positively while learning the language. Colón is only 30 minutes away from Paysandú, República Oriental del Uruguay and 31/2hrs from Buenos Aires. If you come during the summer season, you will enjoy beaches, safaris and unforgettable trips by boat along the Uruguay river.

Colón will offer you a great variety of opportunities. This city has been designed and thought to be not only a touristic hub, but also those places where you will experience live nature. Hot springs, Palm trees, the Uruguay River, El Palmar National Park, just to mention a few, are attractions in which people will be captivated and embraced by cordial relations.