Welcome to Spanish Immersion en Colón, your immersion language program

We know that to learn a second language doesn’t happen overnight. Besides, learning a second language also involves learning its culture. At Spanish immersion en Colón, you will be exposed not only to the Spanish language but also its culture so we will provide you with a natural environment so that you can identify yourself with the culture and the people of the target language.

We don’t have one specific teaching method since we understand that every learner, every context is unique so our instructors are flexible enough to adapt any method to the teaching process. We know that most students enroll in immersion programs, first of all, to learn the language, but also to enjoy being in another country and the beauty of it. That’s why we created a relaxing atmosphere for you to learn the language and be in touch with Spanish as much as possible. You are about to embark in one of the most fascinating and unforgettable journeys, linguistically speaking.

In other words, learning a new language involves social interaction in a meaningful and positive context. You are just one step away from being surrounded by another language and culture. Our institute has designed a program for all those people who would like to learn or improve their Spanish level while exploring and immersing themselves into our everyday life. Our program seeks to teach you Spanish in a meaningful and practical way so that every step you take will be unforgettable. We created optimal environments for social interactions and negotiation of meanings.