Testimonial 1

I am very excited to hear that Cristian will be starting a Spanish Language school in Colon, Argentina.  I have been studying with him since October of 2017, meeting weekly at my house. Read more “Testimonial 1”

Meredith Florian, Family Nurse Practitioner

Testimonial 2

I am a family practice physician and I first became interested in taking Spanish to better communicate with my Spanish Speaking patients. I met Cristian when I was taking a Spanish class at Berkeley City College Read more “Testimonial 2”

Jeff Nelson, Family Practice Physician

Testimonial 3

Cristian has been my Spanish teacher since 2010.  He has made learning Spanish entertaining and fun.  Every week he has come to my house for conversation and grammar work.  Read more “Testimonial 3”

Testimonial 4

Two friends and I recently started taking private Spanish lessons with Cristian. I had never before taken a Spanish class. Cristian is an excellent teacher. He is charismatic, enthusiastic, patient, and encouraging. Read more “Testimonial 4”

Tim, Technical Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville/Jonathan Pytko, Technical Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios/Lisa, Production Manager, Emeryville

Testimonial 5

Cristian has been my tutor for 1 ½ years. He comes to my house every two weeks for an hour and a half session. I had finished Spanish courses at a junior college about six months before starting with Cristian. Read more “Testimonial 5”

Greg (Gregorio) Nierengarten, D.O., retired family physician

Testimonial 6

I had completed Spanish grammar classes, but needed practice in correctly applying the tenses and vocabulary in conversation. Cristian creates a relaxed atmosphere where I can feel confident to speak and make mistakes.  Read more “Testimonial 6”

Kathy Kato, Textile Designer

Testimonial 7

Cristian has been my tutor for about two years. Initially I went to his home and now he comes to ours for weekly hour-long lessons. What I appreciate most about Cristian’s approach to teaching is that he inquires about real life events and experiences Read more “Testimonial 7”

Marie, PhD, Crime Analyst, Berkeley

Testimonial 8

Cristian is a god send of a teacher. He’s patient, engaging, and easy to talk to. He’ll help correct your mistakes in a gentle way, while encouraging you to speak. Read more “Testimonial 8”

Devin McNulty, Producer at Funworks

Testimonial 10

“Cristian has been tutoring our two kids, Lilia, 11, and Luca, 9, for two years. We absolutely love it. The lessons are effective and fun, the kids look forward to the sessions and their Spanish has improved considerably. Read more “Testimonial 10”

Michell, Electrical Engineer

Testimonial 11

Cristian has been my Spanish tutor for about one and 1/2 years, coming to my home for an hour every week.  Normally, we spend the time talking about various subjects – sports, politics, family, work, etc. He’s very good at asking questions or adding comments to keep the conversation going. Read more “Testimonial 11”

David Feld, attorney

Testimonial # 9

Cristian was my tutor for about a year, I needed to improve my conversational Spanish FAST for work I was doing in Spain. Cristian offered a full-immersion private tutor program that worked extremely well for me! Cristian is fun, spontaneous, and has high expectations, all… Read more “Testimonial # 9”

-Laura Lundy, Theatre Producer, El Cerrito, California

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