Our program

At our Spanish immersion program, you will have Spanish classes from 9am to 1:15pm. At 10:30am there will be a fifteen minute break. We work hard to assure you a positive and effective learning environment to learn Spanish. Our chief purpose is to provide with the tools you need to learn the language effectively and efficiently. There are different factors that will help us to achieve this goal and one of them is to make sure that students of similar and compatible skills and levels will be placed in the same class. In our classes you will probably find a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 students (unless you take private lessons). Consequently, everyone will have enough interaction and time to practice one another. We will be working with textbooks that will also talk about different cultures in Latin America since the acquisition of a language is not only the linguistic aspect but also culture, tradition, belief, etc. Our main priority is to improve your Spanish language skills to the point where you can communicate with others in the everyday speech or in different contexts. We focus on conversational skills but we also believe that to understand grammar is an important point since grammar will give you the benefit of comprehending how the language works linguistically speaking. On top of that people will also learn the four skills; speaking, reading, writing and listening unless you would like to focus on one in particular. In our classes you won’t need to buy any textbook (unless you really want to) because the instructors will be giving you handouts. Depending on your level, we will be reading our local newspaper and relevant articles every week. Plus, you will also have tv if you decide to choose the homestay option. We frequently review and update our class material so we can offer a competitive immersion program. Classes are 90% in Spanish. We ONLY use English when there is an important grammar concept that needs to be learned in order to understand how to structure Spanish sentences. Every Friday we will have a short test that will include all we have done during the week. At the end of the class on Friday, people will get some short reading so that they can continue with their interaction over the weekend.


Let’s summarise:

  • Each class has a maximum of 6 students.
  • Classes go from 9am to 1:15pm (fifteen minute break)
  • We start classes every Monday all year round.
  • The class curriculum can be adjusted at any time based on the group’s’ needs.
  • Our experienced instructors are native Spanish speaker who speak both languages (English and Spanish).
  • Cost:  per week. This includes: material, on-site facilities, tea and coffee.
  • Every class is structured based on the number of students and their language skill levels.