Why choose our programs in Colón

The teaching and learning process will be easier if you not only learn the language linguistically speaking but also experience it  and play an active role throughout the process. It is crucial for learners to immerse themselves into our fascinating and rich culture. Our goal is that you not only say it but also feel it. In order for this to happen, each student will have the necessary linguistic tools and the appropriate environment so that you can do your part. Our priority is that you can interact every day and put into practise what you have learned during school hours.

Spanish language is not just words but also a particular way of appreciating and understanding life. At our institute we will give you the opportunity of interacting and socializing with Spanish native speakers so that you can improve your level and build your confidence.

At Spanish immersion en Colón, we believe that the more you understand and value a culture, the more confident and more effectively you will use the language. Culture and language are fundamental concepts at the time of learning a foreign language so you will find a supportive and interesting environment in which your interest and motivation will be your tools to succeed in your second language. Language and culture will not only be valued but also promoted and developed.

We will give you the academic tools to succeed in your second language so come prepared because you will be exposed into the conversational world supported by context cues that are used in everyday social situation. One of the best thing about Spanish immersion program is that the learning process is most of the time supported by context, is less dependent on prior knowledge and is made up of simple everyday words, phrases and sentences and is driven by greater personal motivation.