Our accommodation


One effective way to enhance your spanish level is by living with locals. In this way you will enjoy and experience everyday conversations in a unique and practical environment. We have three bungalows at the moment and two of them includes a tv, Wi-Fi, private bathroom, a refrigerator, ceiling fan and an electrical heater. Each of the rooms are for 4 people so if you want to share the room with friends of yours or a family member these rooms are for you. The other room has the same plus a kitchen in case you like to prepare your own Argentinian food! Bedsheets, blankets and towels are provided. We offer two accommodation options: homestay with two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) and homestay without meals. All these bungalows are located where the institute is. If you prefer to rent an apartment or stay at a hotel, we can help you to find the right place for you. Each of our convenient locations are in a safely and quiet neighborhood and all of them are within a walking distance. All our hosts are native Spanish speakers. Your stay may start any day of the week but a minimum of one week (7 nights) is required. Rooms need to be reserved one week in advanced. Other students might also share the room with you depending on the season and accommodation availability. Even though we would like you to savour our delights of the region, we want you to indicate any preferences, dietary requirements in case you choose the option with meals.

If you decide a homestay with food included, you will share time with your host during either breakfast or dinner, you will learn about local diet and eating habits, and eat delicious home-cooked meals.

Cost for accommodation with food is USD 315 per week and  USD 50 per extra night.

Cost for accommodation without food is USD 210 per week and USD 35 per extra night.