Online lessons

While Spanish immersion programs are one of the most effective and quickest programs at the time of learning Spanish, unfortunately not everyone has the time and resources to spend several weeks in a foreign country to learn the language. At Spanish Immersion en Colón, we have our online Spanish courses so that you can learn Spanish anywhere and anytime. Flexible schedules will give you the chance to accommodate our online classes around your schedule. Online classes are available to all levels from beginner to advanced. Our online courses are ideal for:

  • beginners who want to get a feel of the Spanish language before they commit to a more intensive course, like an immersion course in Latin America.
  • Intermediate students who have studied Spanish before and want to keep progressing but do not have the opportunity to enroll in a Spanish course in their hometown.
  • advanced students who who are already pretty fluent and want to practise and perfect their skills.
  • high school and college students who need a little help preparing for their next Spanish exam.

At our institute, we will tailor your online Spanish course to your needs. You do not need to plan your entire course at the beginning. We are flexible and planning just a few days ahead is fine with us. As a consequence, you can adapt your schedule as your workload changes. More intense schedule are also available specially for those students who want to progress rapidly and have the availability to dedicate their time to the Spanish language.

We use Skype video calling so you and your instructor can see each other almost like to be in a classroom.

We have Spanish native instructors with the necessary experience to walk you through the learning and teaching process.

10 hour pack Spanish online lessons –  USD 250

USD 35/hr