Cristian’s profile

Cristian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but at the age of 12 he moved to Colón, Entre Ríos. When he was 30 years old, he decided to move to United States to study English and Spanish. Even though he had already studied English for several years in Argentina, he decided to start all over again. He took ESL classes at Brookhaven and NorthLake colleges in Farmers Branch, Texas. After living in this state for one year, Cristian and his wife moved out to the Bay Area in California where he went to Berkeley City College. After 5 years at college, he got Spanish and English degrees. Then he transferred to East Bay Hayward University for two more years. At Cal State East Bay he got a Bachelor Degree in English with an emphasis on English Language and Discourse. Cristian has not only academic education, but also experience in the teaching field. At Berkeley City College he had different positions such as Spanish professor’s assistance, Spanish tutor and he was also in charge of the Spanish lab at the Modern Language Department at BCC. On top of that, he worked for 1 1/2 at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley teaching Spanish to future missionaries. He was also awarded for his contribution to the culturally and language diverse community at Berkeley City College. In California two unforgettable events (one in the 2013 and the other in the 2017) would change his life forever; his two daughters (Yatzil and Donata) were born. His daughters are being raised multilingual (English, Spanish and Italian). In El Cerrito, California where he lived for ten years, he worked as a private Spanish tutor. Cristian has had hundreds of clients all of them around the Bay Area such as Oakland, Emeryville, El Cerrito, Albany, Richmond, San Pablo, Hayward, San Rafael etc. Some of his clients have been with him for more than 5 years. and many of them are still taking Spanish lessons with Cristian via Skype. Most of his students were from different parts of the world. Cristian’s passion is to teach languages and transfer all his knowledge about the language and cultural experience to his students. He teaches English and Spanish in Colón, Entre Ríos. Cristian appreciates and values cultural diversity and cross-cultural linguistic forms.