At Spanish immersion en Colón, you will have the opportunity to stay with a local family. Homestay will be not only an incredible and rewarding experience but it will also present an unrivaled opportunity for a genuine and positive environment. By living with local families, you will be exposed to a genuine and authentic cultural experience. You will enjoy and experience the realities of daily life. We will provide you with tips and advice on surviving in your new environment. By staying with a local family, you will be forced to use the Spanish language most of the time. In Colón, you won’t encounter a concentration of English-speaking individuals. As a result, you will practise the language most of the time with native speakers. We always do our best so that you can feel as if you were at home. At our institute, we will not only teach you the language but also we will create the right environment so that you can interact with people and make every single moment unforgettable and pleasurable. We are a family who is ready to welcome you and make your learning process unique and worthy.


Please note: Due to our limited number of accommodations, reservations should be made, at least, two weeks ahead of time. Otherwise, we can not assure you your spot.  Our facility is smoking free. Students will be able to invite guests only with the knowledge and permission of their host family and during visiting hours (from 10 to 9pm). For security concerns, the family do not allow non-students persons staying overnight.